Unifore welcomes new tenant in Montevideo Offices in Rotterdam

May 05, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Montevideo Offices in Rotterdam has secured a new tenant, The Municipality of Rotterdam, who will lease a spacious 943 sqm LFA (lettable floor area) at the Kop van Zuid. The lease agreement, signed for a period of five years, marks a significant milestone for the building.

Montevideo Offices, known for its architecture made by Mecanoo architects, has recently undergone extensive renovations, including a revitalized entrance, creating a welcoming and appealing environment for tenants and visitors alike.
The Municipality of Rotterdam recognized the benefits of this central and accessible location, which offers convenient access to various amenities and transportation hubs, making it an ideal choice for their operational needs.

Currently, the 1st and 3rd floors of the building are still vacant, therefore there was the opportunity to optimize the space. The 1st floor will be divided into four offices of approximately 350 sqm LFA each. This subdivision allows for greater flexibility and is particularly beneficial for smaller tenants who are seeking office spaces within the building and the location. For availability of these offices and other leasing information, please contact Birgitta Padberg (Birgitta.padberg@colliers.com) and/or Bernard Linthorst (bernard@parc.nl)

For more information contact Pleun Tasche tasche@unifore.nl / +31 6 1306 8657.