Unifore Real Estate buys Montevideo Offices in Rotterdam

April 14, 2022

Unifore Real Estate purchased Montevideo Offices on April 14, 2022.

The iconic building on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam was designed by Francine Houben of Mecanoo architects. The building has 2 residential towers, a retail plinth,

Parking garage and in the middle 7 floors of office space.

The offices are approx. 5,400 square meters including 48 parking spaces located in the parking garage under the building.

Together with Mecanoo architects the entrance has recently been renovated, with a new look and feel, beautiful lighting, real plants and a new access control system. A professional and inviting entrance has been created.

For more information see www.unifore.nl or contact Erik Dijkema  at dijkema@unifore.nl / +31 6 53665700.