Exporo joined forces with Unifore

Exporo and Unifore are targeting a EUR 500 million Dutch real estate portfolio within the next three years

October 03, 2019

Exporo, an established German based real estate investor and investment platform, together with Senior Advisor Michiel Olland, is proud to announce that it has joined forces with Unifore Real Estate to expand towards the Dutch market. The partnership will focus on the acquisition of medium-sized (EUR 5 to 15 million) Core/Core+ properties in various asset classes, targeting a EUR 500+ million portfolio in the Netherlands within the next three years.

Exporo is not just another German investor, as it enables better real estate investments for everyone. Exporo buys properties and offers private investors to buy a digital investment in the properties over a fully transparent and online process. Starting from EUR 1,000, the digital investment offers a variable coupon (average: 4-6 % p.a.) based on the operational result of the properties plus 80% of the value increase over a period of 10 years. The small investment amount enables nearly everyone to create their own digital real estate investment portfolio and diversify the investments among different locations and asset classes. Due to an online secondary market the investors can always sell their shares over the Exporo platform. Exporo just recently changed the underlying depositary bank infrastructure to blockchain, which makes the processes even more efficient, transparent and saving more than 80% of the transaction costs.

With over EUR 500 million in raised capital and an annual growth rate of over 100%, Exporo is by far the leading platform for digital real estate investments in Germany. With the merger of Exporo and Zinsland, the second biggest platform with EUR 90 million raised capital, Exporo’s market share increased to over 85% in Germany. The recently closed equity round of EUR 43 million, led by the Paris based VC Fund Partech Growth, enables Exporo to further grow in Germany and also to expand to other European countries to become the digital European cross border investment platform. The Netherlands is the first new market outside Germany and Austria.

From the second week of October, Dutch private investors will be able to invest in German properties via www.exporo.nl. As from November this year, the Dutch properties acquired by Exporo will be offered to both German and Dutch private investors. Early 2020 also the French private investors and properties will follow.

To accelerate growth and to gain awareness in the Dutch market, Exporo and Unifore Real Estate organized a launching event for a selected group of local brokers and advisors in Amsterdam. The founders of Exporo, Simon Brunke and Julian Oertzen, together with Derck Jan Smits from Unifore Real Estate presented the vision and strategy of Exporo regarding the Dutch market.

Exporo and Unifore Real Estate are very excited to start this journey together and are expecting to present the first Dutch properties this year.